About us


In love with wood for more than 80 years

HASA’s domiciles, Haapajärvi and Haapavesi, have long industrial traditions. There have been sawmills in Haapajärvi for more than 80 years. Plentiful and well-managed stocks of timber and a central position close to road and sea transport have created the conditions for succesful sawmill operations. HASA is a modern sawmill with production facilities in Haapajärvi and Haapavesi.




Annual sawmill capacity 400,000 m

HASA has scaled its entire production chain for flexible and efficient customer service. The quality of its timber is already maximised at the purchasing phase.


Continuous quality assurance and automatic, camera-based sorting are features of modern sawmill technology which ensure that customers receive the products they ordered every time. Our sawmill produces high-quality products for a range of industrial and building purposes.






HASA obtains its raw timber from responsibly managed, PEFC certified forests. As a guarantee of this, Hasa has been granted a wood origin chain management certificate.


HASA’s specialised heavy-duty timber sawmill and small timber sawmill are located in Haapajärvi.


The sawmill in Haapavesi specialises in small timber.



Head office

Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy

Hiljalankatu 7

85800 Haapajärvi, Finland

Haapavesi sawmill

Haapaveden Ha-Sa Oy

Allastie 12

86600 Haapavesi, Finland

Haapajärvi small timber sawmill

Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy/veistämö

Sammaltie 1

85800 Haapajärvi, Finland

Haapajärvi sawmill

Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy/saha

Sahantie 1

85800 Haapajärvi, Finland

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