HASA’s environmental policy


We take environmental values into consideration in all operations, from timber sourcing to delivering the end product to the customer. HASA’s production facilities obtain their raw timber from responsibly managed, PEFC certified forests.



As a guarantee of this, HASA has received a wood origin chain management certificate


The production of timber is based on the use of renewable raw materials. Timber is a safe and environmentally friendly product that is entirely recyclable. The production process is aimed at maximising the timber yield. Woodchips created as a by-product are used as a raw material by the chemical forestry industry. The sawdust and bark are converted into bioenergy by local heating plants.


Environmental thinking is an essential part of our business operations. We take financial, social and ecological principles into account in all aspects of our operations and production. This will prevent environmental damage and safeguard biodiversity into the future.

Read HASA’s Environmental Policy (in Finnish)

PEFC sertificate (pdf)

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